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Natural products for Nose and Throat care with Natural spring water from the Alpes and extracts from edelweiss, mentha piperita and salvia officinalis.




New med nasal spray  

Gently soothes and moistens dry andirritated noses.

for gentle, supportive treatment of coldsand blocked nose

• to moisten the mucus membrane of thenose in air-conditioned or heated rooms

• for cleansing in the case of dustexposure (fine dust etc.), to loosen encrustations

Newmed Nasal Spray is designed to be usedseveral times a day.

It can be used not only for cleaning but also to help withtreating colds and hay fever.

Regular moistening with newmed Nasal Spray is recommended allyear round, because moist mucous membranes are much better able to defendthemselves against foreign bodies of all kinds. Once you have discovered thebeneficial effects, you will make sure you keep newmed Nasal Spray handy at all times.

•Dry, irritated upper airways with atendency to encrustation frequently result in impaired breathing in both adultsand children. The nasal mucous membranes can dry out, particularly inair-conditioned or heated rooms. However, encrustation of the nasal mucusmembrane can lead to considerable impairment in children too.

 The mild, isotonic, preservative-free solutionused in newmed Nasal Spray can help to combatdryness of the nose, as well as the encrustation of the nasal mucus membranethat is frequently associated with it, in a gentle and natural way.


How to use:

1.Remove the protective cap and actuate thepump several times until a fine spray vapour appears.

2.Then insert the spray opening into onenostril and pump once or twice. Hold the bottle upright whilst doing so.Breathe in gently through the nose during spraying.

3.Repeat the procedure in the othernostril.

4.For reasons of hygiene it should be usedby only one person.




newmed Throat Spray

for a dry throat and hoarseness


•Dry air (from air conditioning,overheated rooms, aircraft flights) and tiny foreign particles in the air(dust, pollen) can dry out the throat and irritate it. This can cause thethroat’s natural defenses to be heavily impaired, and susceptible to infectionby various germs.

 The mild, isotonic, preservative-free solutionused in newmed Throat Spray can help here. newmed Throat Spray contains naturalspring water from Switzerland, supplemented by plant extracts of sage,peppermint and edelweiss, to allow the throat to be moistened gently andnaturally, thus preventing irritation and hoarseness.

newmed Throat Spray for:

•to gently moisten the mucous membranes ofthe throat and pharynx

• to support treatment of sore throat andhoarseness (e.g. for colds)

• to protect against dryness in the throatarea

• to support the throat’s natural function

• to loosen mucus




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